Finger Fit Ring Shanks

Why do your customers buy and wear rings? For the way they look … for the beauty and fashion appearance they give. If a ring doesn’t fit, if it slips and turns, your customer is not satisfied.

 The FINGER FIT shank was invented in 1951 by a retail jeweler to solve problems fitting customers with larger knuckles. That’s why since 1951, FINGER FIT hinged ring shanks have been the preferred way for making rings fit as they should … comfortably, safely, securely. 

Customer satisfaction pays … that’s why over 5,000 fine jewelers profitably sell FINGER FIT year after year. Now is the ideal time to join them. Your customers will thank you with added sales.

What is finger fit

FINGER FIT was invented by a well-known jeweler in 1951 and has been successfully used by thousands for over five decades. FINGER FIT is an expandable hinged ring shank. It allows your ring to open, pass over your knuckle, close and lock for a comfortable fit. FINGER FIT is a precision-made, hinged ring shank that must be installed on your ring by a jeweler or goldsmith.

Sold in fine jewelry stores and repair shops throughout the world.

How Does It Work

It opens 3 sizes to pass over the knuckle, then closes to fit the smaller part of the finger where the ring is worn.