Installation in 4 EASY STEPS

will put a FINGER FIT shank on most any ring!

  1. Shape customer’s ring to correct CLOSED finger size.
  2. Split top
    of FINGER FIT shank and gently round to same CLOSED finger size on mandrell with rawhide or nylon mallet.
  3. Match ring and shank on mandrell exactly. Mark ring shoulder and FINGER FIT as far from hinges as practical. Cut excess from both. Ring top and FINGER FIT together should equal correct CLOSED
    finger size.
  4. Solder FINGER FIT to shoulder of ring. Emery to match and polish. Do not emery rivet caps. Polish rivet caps lightly so as to not remove or destroy rivet caps.

FINGER FIT guarantees availability of replacement parts for any Finger Fit shank manufactured since 1951.

Finger Fit Guide Wire Repair Instructions

Downloadable Repair Guide